Jesus as True North

Inspired by Father James Alison's "Jesus the Forgiving Victim," Dr. Chezeray Moore explores the meaning of sacrifice, from Biblical times until today, as well as the character of God, from the vantage of Jesus "the Forgiving Victim" as our hermeneutic, our "True North."

Emmaus and Eucharist

Your Voice author Dr. Chezeray M. Moore continues to explain his conversion to a "Jesus-as-forgiving-victim" hermeneutic. "I surrendered my inner need to be able to put my finger on a verse of scripture and declare its literal and fundamental reading as my warrant of authority. ... And I embraced the idea of seeing scripture as a story about victims, not conquerors. A broken Jesus."

The 2015 Raven Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment Goes to Paddington

Paul King received the 2015 Raven Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment for his writing and direction of the 2015 full-length animated film "Paddington." The film raises issues of immigration, fear, and the longing to belong without being romantic or idealistic about the problems faced by both the immigrant and the community which must choose to welcome or reject him.