William Price, III

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Writer-Director-Producer-Actor, cancer survivor, father of two, fan of music, film, sports, and sneakers

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anger, safety, and healing

Raven Voices: Anger, Safety, & Healing

Elena Dominguez, Dr. Jake Hyde, Christina Lafferty-Neal, Arielle Neal, and Tia Norman discuss anger, its purpose, and how to heal it

murder race and faith

Murder, Race and Faith on Tokens Show Podcast

This Tokens show podcast episode reveals the work of Jerry Mitchell in reopening unsolved murder cases from the civil rights era.

Undivided with Ike Ndolo

Raven Voices: Undivided with Ike Ndolo

In this episode of Raven Voices, meet Ike Ndolo. In this interview, Ike talks about his faith journey, confronting racism, and creating music as an independent artist.

raven voices Ariel

Raven Voices: Ariel (Pt. I & II)

In this 2-part Raven Voices series, performer and choreographer Ariel Clarke gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Dance Mimetic video.

dance mimetic

Mimetic Invitation 2: Dance Mimetic

In the second part of our Mimetic Invitation Series, we explore mimetic theory in a way that transcends words: through dance.

the problem is the solution

Mimetic Invitation 1: The Problem is the Solution

In the first video in our Mimetic Invitation Series, "The Problem is the Solution", we explore René Girard's discovery of mimetic desire.

Flatten the Curve of Violent Conflict

Flatten the Curve of Violent Conflict

What if social distancing pulls us together to re-imagine Endless War as Endless Peace? The COVID-19 pandemic is a shared global experience that can allow us to shift toward a nonviolent future.