Interdependence Day 2017

Lindsey Paris-Lopez will not celebrate Independence Day. Instead, she “will celebrate our interdependence, our need and responsibility for each other,” and “repent of the damage that individualism and American exceptionalism are causing at home and all over the world.” Happy Interdependence Day.

Book Feature Sunday: A Journey with Two Mystics – Conversations Between a Girardian and a Wattsian by Matthew Distefano and Michael Machuga

The best theology is that which enfolds us and assures us that we are immersed in unconditional Love. The best friendships do exactly the same thing. A Journey of Two Mystics, by Matthew Distefano and Michael Machuga, is a testimony to the God who so loves us as to create us from love and in love for relationship with God and each other.

Praying Santa

Editor’s Note: For the last week of Advent, the Raven Foundation will be reposting past Advent and Christmas articles as we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming holy days....

Bearing Fruits of Repentance: Wheaton College, Islam, and the Incarnation

This is the truth that the Incarnation reveals: God is Love and Love itself is the language of worship. Thus, Christians, Muslims, and all who love worship the same God. Lindsey Paris-Lopez believes that Dr. Larycia Hawkins, recently suspended from Wheaton College, is bearing fruit of repentance -- growing into the Love of God as we are all called to do -- by standing in solidarity with Muslims in word and action. May we all bear such fruit as we prepare the way of the Lord.