Pastor Adam Ericksen unmasks Jesus’ pursuit of justice as revealed in the Sermon on the Mount, the Kingdom of God, and the paying of taxes.

Adam and Lindsey read the parable of the sower through a lens of humility and love because the sower sows love.

Pastor Adam Ericksen exposes a common misconception about the Bible’s authority and defines what it truly means to be a Christian.

Professor and author Julia Robinson Moore reveals a path to forgiveness that can guide us through these turbulent and troubling times.

Pastor Adam Ericksen reviews the top 5 ways Jesus dealt with conflict and adds his own recommendations for present day conflicts.

Pastor Adam answers the question what is the name of God by detailing the many names of God in the Bible. In Jesus, we learn God’s nature.

Pastor Adam answers the question “What did Jesus accomplish on the cross?” by explaining theories of atonement and highlight forgiveness.

Pastor Adam answers the question “Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?” with an explanation of the political subversion in that title.

Adam Ericksen asks the big question, “Is God violent?” Taking a look at how Jesus interprets scripture gives us powerful insights.

Pastor Adam Ericksen cites the gospel of Matthew to respond to the question “Why did God become human?” – to save us from our sins.