Adam Ericksen’s interview of 2020 Raven Award Winner Andrew Ahn about his film “Driveways” reveals behind the scenes stories.

Pastor Adam applauds the controversy Lil Nas X created with the daring statement “if that’s your heaven, I will pick hell”.

Pastor Adam debunks interpretations of the six clobber texts and other passages used against the LGBTQIA Community.

Pastor Adam continues the conversation with Leo Wolters Tejera as he answers questions about our transgender siblings.

Pastor Adam begins his conversation with Leo Wolters Tejera who shares the journey of coming out and creating a pastoral ministry.

Pastor Adam is joined by Amira Stanley in celebrating the Pope’ embrace of same sex civil unions and the move to expanded inclusion.

The Pope appeals to the Church to support same-sex unions. Adam and Lindsey say this appeals to the greatest authority, Love.

Pastor Adam explains transgender people are awesomely made in the image of God as a response to “What does God day about transgender people?”