Author Matthew Distefano joins Pastor Adam Ericksen to discuss the insights of Matthew’s new book, “What is the Wisdom of Hobbits?”

Dr. Ryan Hansen joins Pastor Adam Ericksen to show how the Book of Revelation deconstructs empire, revealing God is redeeming human life.

Adam Ericksen explores the nationalistic posture of the American Church illustrated in “Postcards from Babylon” with its author Brian Zahnd.

When a nation fails to follow Leviticus 19:34, they should be critiqued. Israel’s the oppression of Palestinians must stop.

In this highly divisive time, Pastor Adam Ericksen offers his top three spiritual principles for dealing with political polarization.

Adam and Lindsey seek to de-weaponize but not disempower these bold words of Jesus then ask why Jesus is sending us into hell.

Guest author Vanessa Avery explains her role as an interreligious community-builder and how communities can be built during this pandemic.

Adam and Lindsey rejoice in the truth of Pentecost – that God’s universal love unites us and brings us into our fullest selves.

Pastor Adam Ericksen reviews the top 5 ways Jesus dealt with conflict and adds his own recommendations for present day conflicts.

With the words, “Receive the Holy Spirit”, Jesus breathes new life into his disciples, offering a spirit of trust and forgiveness.