Angry, Desperate, Rejected

50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Beyond Vietnam" speech, the desperate, angry, rejected people suffering from wars multiply as the United States undermines peace around the world. Yet with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, Kathy Kelly has found women and men working for peace in the midst of near-hopelessness. Their story should inspire the same tireless effort for peace in all of us.

A Crisis of Relevance

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez claims that the Democratic Party is facing a "crisis of relevance." Robert Koehler knows why. "The Democrats’ crisis of relevance is grounded in the party’s absolute acquiescence during the Obama years to the war on terror, and the only way for the party to reclaim power and credibility is to stand up to its own moral shortcomings, not just those of George Bush and Donald Trump."

Costa Rica’s Peace Journey

“Our best defense is to be defenseless,” former Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Oscar Arias says at one point in the film. “Not having an army doesn’t make you weaker, but stronger. . . . The political opinion of the world is our army.” Robert Koehler eagerly anticipates Chicago's 9th Annual "Peace on Earth Film Festival" featuring the extraordinary story of Costa Rica's abolition of its army and the security that has followed in "A Bold Peace."

The Birth of a Movement

Robert Koehler attended the Women's March in Chicago. "[T]hese rallies were also more than a sum of their parts. They were a culmination — a fusion — of the issues the participants stood for, and thus they were something new, nameless, in the process of becoming."