Easter Executions: Are We Really Ready for New Life in Christ?

Lindsey Paris-Lopez understands that the death penalty can bring a sense of closure. But the peace it promises is based on the lie that some violence is righteous and some people are beyond redemption. On the cross, Jesus's outstretched arms embraced even killers in mercy. God's love empowers us to transform cycles of violence and dehumanization that the death penalty perpetuates.

A Public Plan for Peace

Robert Koehler fears that endless war has become so integral to American policy that it goes nearly unnoticed, institutionalized and framed by a compliant media. Trump's presidency, in its bellicose recklessness, may also be awakening the American public to the danger of perpetual war. But, "The resistance has to go deeper than Trump. At its center we need a public plan for peace."

Angry, Desperate, Rejected

50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Beyond Vietnam" speech, the desperate, angry, rejected people suffering from wars multiply as the United States undermines peace around the world. Yet with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, Kathy Kelly has found women and men working for peace in the midst of near-hopelessness. Their story should inspire the same tireless effort for peace in all of us.