Where to Turn

On Armistice Day, Kathy Kelly remembers those struggling in the face of US imperialism and greed, from Standing Rock to Afghanistan and around the world. "These sorrows, so painfully real, can help all of us yearn above all for an understanding by people worldwide, and here in my own frightened, divided country—an understanding that we live in a real world, beset with multiple wars, and must at last turn to each other, prepared to live more simply, share resources more radically, and abolish all wars in order to build a real peace."
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Budgeting for the Good War, for 75 Years

World War II never ended, Robert Koehler reflects, but merely warped into the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War, and now the Global War on Terror. War is the perpetual status quo... but could this crazy election cycle catalyze a wake-up call to the citizenry to "bring the war dollars home" and finally bring war to an end?

Wanted: A President in Pursuit of Peace

While Democratic and Republican presidential candidates talk about protecting our nation through strengthening the military, Frances Fuller argues that we will never have peace if we only train for war. In addition to a Department of Defense, Frances advocates for a Department of Peace.

Stop the Killing

As war rages on in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and the United States, even after mistakenly bombing Syrian soldiers, continues to justify its militarism in the name of peace, Robert Koehler echoes the simple but profound advice of President Jimmy Carter: "Stop the killing."