Hillary Clinton: How to Be “Deplorable”

While the fact that Donald Trump's open bigotry resonates with and energizes a segment of the American population is indeed reprehensible, Hillary Clinton's gross generalization throwing half of his supporters into the same "basket of deplorables" is in itself deplorable, Adam Ericksen asserts. "It's a case of classic scapegoating."
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Let’s Make America Meh

Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” Hillary Clinton claims America has never stopped being great. Adam Ericksen examines the rivalry for the desire to be great and suggests maybe we should try to make America "meh."

Jesus Was Killed For National Security Reasons: Good Friday, Fear, and Muslim Surveillance

"On Good Friday, Jesus reveals that we don’t have to live by a poltics fear. In fact, he frees us from fear, even the fear of death. Faith in Jesus means that we no longer have to kill or exclude others for the sake of national security. Rather, faith means trusting in Jesus, the one who calls us to love and forgive our neighbors, including those we call our enemies." - Adam Ericksen on Good Friday