Conversation with Brian McLaren: Voting Christian Values – Seeking a Better Way

Brian McLaren, influential Christian author, speaker, and activist, joined us for a conversation about his latest book "The Great Spiritual Migration" and politics. Brian stated, "In the current political campaigns, the focus is so much on winning that we poison the whole system. We make it harder for anyone to govern when the election is over. We have to find a way to protest and disagree in a spirit of love."

Parenting During a Political Crisis

In this time of political crisis, Suzanne Ross cautions us not to elevate our own suffering above that of others. When we claim the mantle of "greatest victim," we insulate ourselves from the needs of others, exasperating our divisions rather than healing. Here are 3 ways to elevate the political discourse as we guide our children, and ourselves, through these trying times.

Hillary Clinton: How to Be “Deplorable”

While the fact that Donald Trump's open bigotry resonates with and energizes a segment of the American population is indeed reprehensible, Hillary Clinton's gross generalization throwing half of his supporters into the same "basket of deplorables" is in itself deplorable, Adam Ericksen asserts. "It's a case of classic scapegoating."