Melinda Voss of Braver Angels, the US largest cross-partisan, volunteer-led movement to change our politics for the better, joins Pastor Adam.

Dr. Ryan Hansen joins Pastor Adam Ericksen to show how the Book of Revelation deconstructs empire, revealing God is redeeming human life.

Pastor Adam explores Matthew 19 to show how Jesus said male and female, but then moved beyond gender binaries with his acceptance of eunuchs.

The Bible tells two different stories about the kings of Israel. Pastor Adam sees the importance of critiques of leaders like King David.

Guest author Paul Dumouchel explains the relationships, power dynamics, and victims of rival and displaced conflicts.

Pastor Adam explains the difference between Machiavellian politics and the politics of Christ then offers advice on how to live into hope.

Adam and Lindsey explain we have to change our entire outlook on what saves us. This is what repentance is all about.

Politics are present and discussed throughout the Bible explains Pastor Adam Ericksen when asked is the church becoming too political.

The prophet Jeremiah delivered an apocalyptic warning about climate justice 2,500 years ago. Today young prophets like Greta Thunberg deliver the same warning. That warning isn’t about doom and gloom. It’s about hope. Check out Adam’s sermon for more on climate justice.

Suzanne Ross and Adam Ericksen ask who do you follow as they discuss Taylor Swift, politics and mimetic theory.