Asking, “How would Jesus police?,” Lindsey Paris-Lopez reframes our understanding of service and protection through the lens of mercy, not sacrifice.

Pastor Adam challenges the idea Christianity is a hell avoidance project and asks what if Jesus is sending Christians straight to hell.

Adam and Lindsey reveal as more and more people stand with the prophets, the prophet’s reward becomes hope. and ultimately, justice.

Lindsey Paris-Lopez draws on Martin Luther King Jr.’s triple evils – racism, militarism, and materialism – as the three pillars of American exceptionalism then offers ways to transform them.

Adam and Lindsey seek to de-weaponize but not disempower these bold words of Jesus then ask why Jesus is sending us into hell.

Pastor Adam Ericksen examines the misportrayal of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s approach to nonviolence and invites us to confront our own participation in systems of injustice.

On Pentecost when the Holy Spirit united people from all over the world, Pastor Adam critiques America’s treatment of its black citizens.

White supremacy is on the rise. What should we do about it? Adam Ericksen and former skinhead leader Christian Picciolini discuss this critical issue.