The Supreme Court & Roe v. Wade (with Alison Gary)

The last time a Supreme Court opinion was leaked was Roe v. Wade.


Last week a draft document was leaked about an upcoming Supreme Court decision about Roe v. Wade. There are many rumors about the legal reasoning behind Roe. Many of us who aren’t trained in law find the document confusing and troubling. Pastor Adam brought his friend and former attorney Alison Gary on the show to help us sort through the weeds of the leaked document, what it might mean for reproductive rights, and how this decision might affect other rights held up by the Supreme Court.

Alison explains the history of the Roe v. Wade decision, the process of drafting of an opinion at the Supreme Court, and the implications of the statements in the draft. Precedent has value in our legal system. The Constitution guarantees a right to privacy so the right to contraception was ruled on first followed by right to abortion.

The last time a Supreme Court opinion was leaked was Roe v. Wade. It was leaked later in the process, but it was leaked and no one is mentioning that. The draft could change, but we won’t know until the end of June.

Alison details the implications of this opinion.


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