The Most Underrated Mother in the Bible

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so Adam Ericksen would like to introduce you to the most underrated mother in the Bible. You may not have heard about her. And, unfortunately, her name isn’t recorded. But this mother is a model for all parents. She is also a key figure in illuminating our understanding of human nature and the transformation of religious sacrifice.
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Let’s Make America Meh

Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” Hillary Clinton claims America has never stopped being great. Adam Ericksen examines the rivalry for the desire to be great and suggests maybe we should try to make America "meh."
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Donald Trump, Chris Rock, and 21st Century Racism

Adam Ericksen claims that Chris Rock told the prophetic truth about racism at the Oscars. Racism is bigger than Donald Trump. It’s bigger than Hollywood. For white America to condemn Trump’s racism or Hollywood’s racism is to scapegoat them, because it conveniently absolves us from examining the racism that infects each of us.